Dear Authors,

As you may be aware that Delhi Press has undergone a series of reorganized changes and I
am happy to share with you that this has to lead us to a great opportunity in the field of publishing – both in
print & in the digital space.
This is a great pleasure to inform that Delhi Press has launched  a new platform to undertake the publication of books especially fiction & non-fiction from various authors in Hindi
& English. Even intellectuals i.e. IAS/IPS officers can share their lifetime experiences in the book form that will be a great inspiration for the youngsters.
The authors will have access to a wide distribution network for books which is a little different
from that of magazines.
If you’re an author of fiction & non-fiction then based on your manuscript, the company can
offer you a standard package which will include the following:

1. 1,000 copies in paperback or a hard case or hardbound.
2. E-book in different formats.
3. Activation of the marketing channel for your book by press releases & social media
4. Since our magazine Woman’s Era already has 97 lakhs likes on Facebook and the huge
following on Instagram, promotion of the book can be done easily.
5. Placing the book on various digital marketing platforms as Amazon etc.
6. Creating your website can sell your book exclusively along with giving you a platform to
create a digital space.
7. Live videos for promotion of the book on Social Media.
8. Live videos on YouTube channel & there are some services in a proper publishing
environment that any author desires for and usually, they have to depend on various agencies
to make this happen.

Apart from the above services, on the editorial level, the company will provide ideas on your
manuscript, a discussion for betterment, subbing, editing, graphics, the option of layout & working
along with for the next version, the sequel of your books.
For limited and specialize news we can also print digital copies in small numbers which are
generally required for Universities and Institutions.
In case if you are interested to get publish your book, do write directly to the undersigned with queries for the quote on any of the above-mentioned subject.

Thanking you
Divesh Nath
Director – Publisher
Delhi Printing & Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.