Delhi Press Group has been in the business of publishing since 1939. We started out with our first English magazine Caravan in the following year, which was later named as Alive in 1988. Since then, Delhi Press has come out with several other magazines and diversified into various other publishing and allied activities.

Magazine Publishing

 Woman’s Era

Woman’s Era is one of the front runners in publications from Delhi Press. Launched in 1973, it contains articles, stories and features on a woman and her family.

The magazine has evolved over the decades in editorial content. The latest editions of  Woman’s Era are in sync with the changing trends, the digital world, and the large scale urbanization. Woman’s Era is a monthly publication that reaches over 3 million households in India and abroad. The digital edition and social media convection reach more than 12 million internets, savvy readers, all over the world. Woman’s Era editorial team strives to bring interesting, informative and useful articles and features to make your life beautiful.

Over the years the print magazine has expanded its advance base with websites, social media and events. The magazine is now backed with a stormy social media team along with the print. Woman’s Era editorial team strives to bring to its readers interesting, informative and useful parts to make your life beautiful.


Alive is a bi-monthly English magazine for go-ahead men. It is a general interest magazine that covers varied topics ranging from politics, economy, lifestyle, business and fiction to travel and entertainment, and draws its core readership from amongst seasoned readers.

Alive is a popular socio-political journal packed with thought-provoking and in-depth articles, features, photo features, essays, short stories and more. Alive provides the readers with a platform of features to share their views and win prizes also. Its articles are focused on discerning minds.

Suman Saurabh

Suman Saurabh is a magazine for young and adolescents, which carries general interest informative articles and fiction for the youth. Suman Saurabh was launched in 1983 and it regularly covers science, biographies and many other interesting topics in a manner that is informative and engaging among youths.

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